Five Mini-Budget Feature-Length Comedies for the Woody Allen Market

1) The Woody Allen demographic—older, educated, intellectual.
2) Women, especially feminists.
3) Gay and Lesbian.
4) Arthouse: Welcome to New York, Nymphomaniac, Dogville.
5) Kinky: Fifty Shades of Grey.

Financial structure: Canada-UK co-production of five mini-budget cross-collateralized pictures.

Location: Greece

The Trial of Don Juan
The modern Don Juan is a woman in disguise—both a womanizer and a manizer, and active in both fields. Famous, indeed legendary, she wears high boots, a flowing white shirt and a stylish little mustache, as if she’d just stepped out of the 17th century—everything but the sword.

Kiss of Death
A boy with a fatal kiss, and the women who need it.

Pas de deux
A lesbian romantic comedy: a pickpocket falls in love with a pianist who leads her on a chase through the stunning Athens labyrinth—but oops, she steals the wallet of a British policeman on vacation, and he’s right behind her.

Beauty and the Beast
On a Greek island a beautiful tourist is held prisoner by a sadistic ogre.

Loose Shoes
Two identical women, played by the same actress—one very very good, and one very very bad—who sings!—and in her her act impersonates Lucy, Marilyn, Liz, Marlene, Kim, Bette, Joan and Vivien—compete for the same man, and step into each other’s shoes.

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